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Features of the POSLeader Software

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Tablet ReadyPOSLeader Software can be used on Windows Tablets. Check the minimum specs on the hardware page for more information


Use Your Own HardwareThe POSLeader Software can be used on Windows OS systems. If you currently have hardware, check the minimum specs on the hardware page for more information. Most configurations will work.


Table-Side Ordering Since the POSLeader Software can be used with tablets, Table-Side Ordering makes it possible for your company to do everything from entering orders to swiping credit card payments in front of the customer.


Barcode Scanners In Quick Service Mode, the POSLeader Software allows the cashier to scan products in a small retail environment for easier and faster check-outs.


Kitchen Display MonitorsWith the use of the ChefTab, the POSLeader Software can extend all kitchen prints to one, or many, kitchen display monitors and kitchen printers. The user has complete control to bump orders or bring them back. Also, any HD TV can be used to project the info to full size from a ChefTab.


Decrease Accounting ExpenseThe POSLeader Software decreases external accounting expenses because the reports are always accurate and quick; whether printed from PDF or saved in Excel (CSV), getting a quick report that can save time is a quick action.


Room to growStarting small is smart! The software is so flexible that you can add a station in less than 10 minutes or rent a station for an entire event. The POSLeader Software is extendable to unlimited stations, and adding another station is as easy as setting up the software, licensing it, and entering your access code.
Always Live, No Restarts The POSLeader Software is considered a LIVE product. This means that menu changes and updates are automatic, and it is not necessary to restart your PCs or tablets.


Speeds Up Transaction TimesFor cash orders, the POSLeader Software is a 2-step process. Credit Card Transactions are a simple 3-step process. This is very important for busy bar scenes or mobile food trucks.


Powerful Discount Rules Whether it’s a Comp, Coupon, or Happy Hour, the POSLeader software has many ways for your discounts to be automatic or manual based on the security level of the user, time of day, menu item, and many other rules.


Reduce ShrinkageBecause orders are easily read, and only the correct ordering sequence is forced for your wait staff, you’ll likely realize a drastic drop in shrinkage for food, liquor, and labor. The POSLeader Software keeps track of everything, allowing you to maximize the business analytics needed to make more profits


Minimize Ordering Errors At POSLeader, we teach you the best ways of Menu Engineering, so that orders are completed faster and smarter. Because of this the number of errors your kitchen staff makes on orders drops noticeably and your return-on-invest (ROI) happens faster.


Web and Mobile ExtensionsOur gateway allows you to use our web and mobile credit card extensions for just about any use. Need to swipe a card on a pizza delivery? On a Mobile Truck? At a Catering event? With our Gateway you can download the mobile app or login to your web app and process a card from anywhere, any time!


Quick BarQuick Bar allows an order to be processed in 2 easy steps.Bartenders love it when they can choose and item and cash it out fast. With POSLeader, no time is wasted making a sale.


Any Credit Card Processor All Processing Networks are free to use with no module costs. Our Gateway can process with AdaptMS, First Data Nashville, Global, Mercury, TSYS, Vantiv, Transfirst, Chase Paymentech, World Pay, Heartland Payments, Planet Payment and Merchant e-Solutions. A support plan is required.
Accept All PaymentsThe POSLeader Software allow you to accept all forms of payments easily. Cash, Check, House Accounts, Employee Accounts and all Credit Cards are seamlessly stored inside the software. The POSLeader Software is 100% PCI-DSS Complaint.


Quick Receipt ReportsWhen you need information fast we provide you with reports that are printed on the receipt printer. Cash in, Cash out, and Server / Bartender Reports are a sample of what you can get.


Effective Accounting ReportsWe have designed the best reports that you need for sales, taxes, payroll, and transactions. These reports can be printed, emailed, and saved in many ways so that you have the information at your fingertips when you need it.


Reduce Losses and TheftsUsing the POSLeader Software teaches you that control is the best rule, which greatly helps to reduce theft and loss. Managers can spot-check persons assigned a cash drawer and hide sales information from suspected employees. Also, because of the ticketing system built in, no food or drink is made without the proper order signifying that any theft is traceable.


Manage Labor and Payroll EasierTo use the software, the user is automatically clocked in once his or her unique access code is entered. Any and all activity it tracked in the software, which can be audited. All Labor and Payroll data is collected for each user. This data can be quickly edited on a daily basis, and when the payroll is processed, a one-page report is generated with all the important information.


All-Users Tickets Managers and other users have the options of seeing everyone’s tickets. This is very helpful for the host position to handle take-outs. It also assists the bar staff if they need to help the wait staff with drink orders. Two or more bar staff members are able to share one cash drawer, but each person still operates under his or her unique access code. Turning off All-User tickets is extremely fast and easy.


Track Inventory Sold The POSLeader Software allows you to track everything -- most importantly, food and labor costs. By tracking inventory sold, and getting easy-to-read reporting, you can clearly see where improvement is needed. Fluctuating costs and shrinkage are much easier to spot. The POSLeader team trains you on how best to recognize these areas.

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