your denver point of sale team


Mark Mueller

Mark Mueller I have over 27 years experience in the hospitality industry and every segment from QSR to four stars. You can trust that I know how valuable the right POS system can be to your bottom line. I posses valuable insight into the small business segment, including system administration for POS systems, reservations, accounting and property management interfaces. In my spare time I enjoy woodworking, gardening, and photography.



Monty Carter

Monty Carter Hi, I’m Monty and I am in service and support with POSLeader helping to fix your Denver point of sale technical issues (or any other locations). I started mid 2011 and have since obtained my A+, Net+, and Security+ certs to help ensure that your technical needs are taken care of, no matter what they are. When I’m not working here, I’m usually coding, playing a game, or some type of other nerdy activity! Am I nerdy? No, I’m actually pretty awesome, but you won’t find that out until you have a technical issue! While I’d love to say I look forward to hearing you from, that would imply I look forward to hearing about your technical problems,so let’s not say that, as I’d rather you not have any technical issues, so let’s say I hope I don’t hear from you!

Peter Greenwald

Peter Greenwald I graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science.  I worked as a pizza delivery driver for 4 years and as a computer programmer for 2 years to put myself through college.  The day I told my boss that my wife was pregnant with our first son, he told me I was being laid off (This was just a coincidence.)  So we decided that I would stay home and watch our son.  As it turns out, I also watch my niece and my second son and then for a year my triplet nephews.  Even though I was watching 5 children, I was still able to start my own computer consulting business, which I have been doing for the past 19 years before starting here at POSLeader.  I have knowledge of computers going back to MS-DOS and the 8088 and to all the current Operating Systems and devices that are out now and are going to come out in the near future.  I believe that with this knowledge I am able to diagnosis and repair most any computer problems that should arise, to help serve our POSLeader customers.

Marc Garcia

Hi there! My name is Marc. I am the latest addition to the POSLeader team. Let me tell you a little about myself: Aside from being witty, I am a patient, entertaining person both on or off the phone; I am also very knowledgeable and adept. I have been working with computers since the original IBM PC/XT. I have managed client sites for medium to large corporations, as well as various local small businesses and home users. This work included PC troubleshooting and repair, printer repair, software installation and training, PC-based cash register systems, credit card processing hardware, digital video recording surviellance units, network installation (both wired and wireless), training, sales, and customer service/technical support. I love computers and I also love to help people, so technical support positions seem to be a perfect fit for me. In my spare time I enjoy sports, both watching and playing. I am an artist, a music lover and a die hard tinkerer. I feel that there is no problem that cannot be solved one way or another, so if you ever have to call us rest assured that we will get you all squared away.

Anna Muniz

Anna Muniz

Anna Muniz – Hi I’m Anna. I am in the Hospitality Sales department. I am an innovative operations manager bringing with me over twenty years of experience in the Entertainment and Hospitality industry. I have successfully “turn keyed” several start-up bars, restaurants and night clubs. I was partner and operations manager of a large venue and theater here in Denver. I have also worked in the Music Industry, Catering and Hospitality for national, headline, and international acts. I have worked with bar, venue, and restaurant owners, musicians, and vendors both here in Denver and abroad. This experience allows me to understand your needs as a business owner / operator and to customize a POS system specifically to your business and budget. I am a certified Continuing Education Instructor and I hold a BA from the University of New Mexico. When I’m not making dreams come true I am usually outside enjoying Colorado with my three wonderful daughters.

Todd Brokenshire

Todd BrokenshireI have over 28 years of restaurant industry experience, from dishwashing to cooking to managing and lastly to owning. I founded POSLeader in April 2004 with one goal: to help others find great POS systems. I had an Italian Restaurant at the time that had a horrible system and very bad support, I also paid a lot for each. With POSLeader I showed my clients that high quality systems exist and that outstanding support is possible.

I attended Ohio State University later in life after ‘working’ as a ski/snowboard instructor for 8 years in my 20′s. With over 2000 days on a snowboard or ski, and seeing much of the world, I now have the desire for computers, software and entrepreneurial work. I enjoy traveling, hiking/camping and wine/food. I only cook for family and friends now.

The last 9 years have been great! POSLeader has made many businesses happy with our services and has helped built great relationships which will continue for many years. I invite you to call and talk with any POSLeader member, anytime, you’ll quickly learn that when we start a relationship, we plan on keeping it forever!