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About Us

We started our journey as a Colorado-based company in 2004, and now we proudly serve clients of all sizes throughout the United States and beyond. Not much has changed since our inception, we still care immensely about our customers, and we bring them value through our vast knowledge of the point-of-sale industry. We aren’t new to this game. We have a new look and great products, and we’re always working toward perfecting the way we connect with our valuable customers.

In 2012, Todd Brokenshire, the founder of POSLeader, started in a new direction and together with Richard Bennett co-founded Midnight Oil Systems LLC dba AdaptPOS with the goal of developing software's that serve both the POS Software and Merchant Services Industries and after years of hard work have launched their newest product AdaptPAY, a non-tethered EMV solution.

For our current clientele nothing much will change, we will still provide great products and services and help them move forward. For newer clientele, we will work with new partners with the same goals. We will be referring all Dinerware POS software sales to Restaurant Technology Integrators and will also aid them with support services. This new partnership allows POSLeader to avoid conflicts of Interest with its newer sister companies and vendors, while still providing all of our customers, old and new, with great solutions.

Referral Partners:

Midnight Oil Systems LLC dba AdaptPOS - Makers of AdaptPAY and AdaptGIFT

Adapt Merchant Services - AdaptMS is a registered ISO which aids all of our relationships as to provide competitive merchant processing. 

Restaurant Technology Integrators - Colorado's Newest Dinerware Reseller