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POSLeader does more than sell and support hardware. POSLeader in a nationwide support company for multiple softwares. Our primary support is a monthly subscription and the highest integration you can recieve. With our monthly subscription you receive remote access, OS and software updates, antivirus and much more. We do offer one time, hourly support however this is much harder for us as we are unsure of how the POS System has been cared for or if at all and our hourly support can make simple tasks take much longer as we need to reverse the bad habits of other support departments. Please subscribe to our monthly support if possible.


POSLeader Monthly Subscription Support - Day Hours Only


  • Support from 9 am - 4 pm Central Standard Time
  • Support after these hours are billed at a higher rate.
  • Meant for businesses that open early and close early
  • Remote Access Required
  • $79.99 per month / $2.64 per day

POSLeader Monthly Subscription Support - All Hours

  • Support from 9 am - 11 pm Central Standard Time
  • No support is given after these hours
  • Remote Access Required
  • Our Highest Support Level
  • $149.99 per month / $5 per day






POSLeader Hourly Support - 2 Hour Minimum

  • Hourly Support 
  • Each Case is determined by explanation, diagnose, work involved, and completion.
  • Pricing is the same for every call
  • No Discounts
  • SOS Remote link must be utilized
  • Case Notes will be emailed to person paying for the service
  • 2 Hour Minimum if a first-time merchant
  • $199.99 per call, per hour 

AdaptGIFT Monthly Gift Card Service

  • Load Gift Cards in any amount
  • Redeem Gift Cards via POS System
  • Customer Plastic Cards Available
  • No Charge Per Swipe
  • Redeem, Activate, Void, or Transfer Cards
  • Works with many POS Systems
  • $59.99 per month

POS System Consulting


  • Learn about how POS Systems work
  • Learn how Merchant Services can unknowingly cost more with low cost systems
  • Take advantage of 15 years experience
  • Save money with total cost analysis before signing with something that doesn't fit your concept of needs.
  • $399.99 per 3 hours session (Travel not included if onsite)

Merchant Services Consulting


  • Understand how pricing works
  • Read a statement and understand how to question a statement
  • Understand how Interchange works
  • Understand PCI Compliance
  • Make smart decisions on why POS System demand certain processors and how to combat
  • $999.99 per 3 hours session (Travel not included if onsite)