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POSLeader works tirelessly to make our current software offerings the best we can offer and our new found software an experience in the making. We choose softwares based on two primary aspects; 1) how much support or training does it need for the average merchant to understand and train its staff on, and 2) does it change with the times as a stable product. Another important option is what merchant services does it connect to both in store and online. All these items will determine if a merchant can thrive with a software or if they will 'get by' with a mistaken decision. All of our POS Software offered work with EMV at the table.

POSLeader doesn't sell all the softwares that it supports.  Like all long lasting relationships all the parties involved must communicate properly and support the products in offers. In the ever changing world of POS Systems, reliable vendors are hard to find and those that do exist we have strived hard to keep lasting relationships in place to honor them. 


Prize by Point of Success


  • Windows Based
  • Can operate any concept in the Restaurant industry
  • Specialty in Pizza, Deli, and Menus with many choices
  • Hardware Packages Available
  • $79.99 per month / per station

Global POS

  • Support from 9 am - 11 pm Central Standard Time
  • No support is given after these hours
  • Remote Access Required
  • Our Highest Support Level
  • $149.99 per month / $5 per day






Clover POS offered by our Merchant Partners

  • Load Gift Cards in any amount
  • Redeem Gift Cards via POS System
  • Customer Plastic Cards Available
  • No Charge Per Swipe
  • Redeem, Activate, Void, or Transfer Cards
  • Works with many POS Systems
  • $49.99 per month

Foundry POS offered by our Merchant Partners


  • Learn about how POS Systems work
  • Learn how Merchant Services can unknowingly cost more with low cost systems
  • Take advantage of 15 years experience
  • Save money with total cost analysis before signing with something that doesn't fit your concept of needs.
  • $399.99 per 3 hours session (Travel not included if onsite)